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We offer alloy wheel repair and refurbishment, including diamond cut services, transforming alloys back to top condition

On-site alloy wheel repair

We turn around quality alloy wheel repairs, including diamond-cut alloys quickly and efficiently

Our qualified and experienced technicians paint and repair all damage to alloy wheels and create eye-catching enhancements. We cover paint repairs, colour changes, scuffs, scratches and chips and produce the highest standard diamond-cut alloy wheels.

Our mobile technicians repair at your home or your business, so that your vehicle can get back on the road straight away.

Mobile Diamond Cut Alloys

We offer mobile diamond cut services in our bespoke van

Our specialist diamond cutting van, means that diamond cut alloy wheels can be performed on site quickly in the same day, with no need for the wheels to be sent away.

Our wheel vans contain specialist lathes and technicians who perform the best quality job for you.

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Highest standard and efficient mobile alloy wheel repair services

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On-site, same day repairs

Our mobile solution allows all wheels to be repaired on-site on the same day.

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Diamond cut techniques

Experienced technicians available for on-site diamond-cut alloy wheels

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Quick, convenient and cost-effective

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Fast turnaround

Get vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible

What is alloy wheel repair?

Alloy wheel repair is the process of fixing damage to alloy wheels. This can include anything from curb rash to chips and scratches or bent alloy wheels.

  1. The first step in alloy wheel repair is to clean the wheel and remove any loose debris.
  2. The damaged area is sanded down to create a smooth surface. If the damage is severe, a filler may be used to repair deep gouges.
  3. Once the repair area is smooth, it is primed and painted to match the rest of the wheel.
  4. Finally, a clear coat is applied to protect the repair and give the wheel a glossy finish.

What are Diamond Cut Wheels?

Diamond cut alloy wheels are a type of alloy wheel that has been precision-machined to create a sparkling diamond-like finish. We can repair and create diamond cut alloy wheels using our diamond cutting tool in our purposefully engineered vans, and create prevision cut alloy wheels that look like new.

How long does it take to Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels?

The process of diamond cutting alloy wheels usually takes about an hour per wheel.

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