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We offer a one-stop-shop cosmetic repair solution providing timely and cost-efficient solutions for car dealerships

Saving you time and money

Efficient on-site servicing work for all your cosmetic repair needs

We provide a complete hybrid solution range of on-site services to cater for all of your cosmetic repair work, so that you can sell your vehicles quickly and efficiently.

We are specialists in cosmetic repairs, which means that we can turn around quality repairs in a short turnaround time. Our technicians can either work on-site in a free, fully manned booth that we provide, or we provide our range of mobile technicians if space is a premium.

Whatever the space you have, we pride ourselves on solving all of your cosmetic repair problems, shortening the vehicle’s depreciation time and helping you sell quickly and efficiently.

100% cover, all of the time

The ultimate solution, whatever you need

We support you with everything you need for your cosmetic repairs. Our technicians are all employed by us, meaning that your business is covered at all times through holidays and sickness. We pride ourselves on solving your problems through our experience and can adapt our solution to fit any business, and any type of vehicle.

Maximise profits

Offer your customers on-site servicing solutions

We provide white-labelled cosmetic repairs for your customers, providing you with a unique opportunity to include a profit line for service work. All repairs can be managed through our call-centre, so you can offer a great service with guaranteed profits for your dealership.

Benefits for car dealerships

A one-stop efficient cosmetic repair solution - save time and maximise profits

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Fast turnaround

Cars can be turned around quickly ready for resale

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One stop shop

On-site body repairs and off-site booth repair facilities

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On-site booths

Free booth solution for high turnaround environments

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Guaranteed profits

On-site servicing for customers generates business profits

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Zero cost

No up-front fees and guaranteed ROI

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100% cover

We employ our technicians, so you are covered for holiday and sickness

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Easy set up

Our hybrid solution can be set up and integrated into your site quickly and easily

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Official materials

We only use manufacturer approved materials

Our Services

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Smart repair shops

Enjoy all the benefits and up-sell opportunities of an in-house bodyshop.

We supply the most technically advanced booth available, on-site, fully manned by our experienced staff and totally free, to handle all of your cosmetic repair needs. You only pay for the servicing at competitive rates.

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Mobile smart repairs

A one-stop-shop for all your cosmetic vehicle repairs

We are cosmetic repair specialists, dedicated and experienced in all areas of cosmetic repair work. Whatever your requirement, we can help, quickly and to the highest quality, leaving you to get back to your business.

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Smarter repair solutions for your dealership


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